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Alhambra Self-Storage for your Boy or Girl Scout Troop

Alhambra Self-Storage for your Boy or Girl Scout Troop

Published August 16, 2017

Alhambra storage units can be a game changer for your girl or boy scout troop. A lot of the time, the responsibility for keeping the troop’s supplies falls on the leader’s shoulders, which can quickly mean a full basement or garage. Instead of letting your home become overrun with camping equipment, craft supplies, and other gear your scouts use, consider renting a self-storage unit. It will be out of your home and in a spot where your troop’s other leaders can access it if necessary.

Tents, Hiking Supplies, and Other Outdoor Gear

Packing for your next camping trip is easy when all of your camping gear is in one spot. Because camping and outdoor gear is so crucial to a scout’s life, it is important that any outdoor gear is kept safe. If not, it ends up being a very large expense to replace. Keep your tents, your lanterns, and all the rest of your camping supplies together where they will be safe from theft and damage – in a self-storage unit.

Having Supplies on Hand

It’s much easier to access all of your supplies if you are keeping them all in one central location rather than keeping them in a home. Depending on the types of activity your troop does, you might need to have a lot of craft supplies on hand or a set of tools. You might also have supplies for specific tasks, like small wheels for your cub scout troop’s Pinewood Derby cars or research materials for girl scout troop’s Thinking Day. Knowing ahead of time what you’ll need for the troop can help you determine which size unit you need. You might find that you only need our smallest unit, which is five feet by five feet, or one of our larger units.

Cost of Storage Units Are Manageable

Talk to the other adults involved in your troop to see how best to split up the cost of renting a self-storage unit. Self-storage is not expensive, and the cost is barely noticeable if everyone pitches in. After you determine which size unit your troop needs, even some of the money from different fundraisers will go to cover the monthly cost of the unit or maybe you will collect dues from each of the scouts. When it comes to our Alhambra storage units, it’s important to remember that you have different options, including size and climate control. This ensures you are getting exactly what you need at a price that also accommodates your budget. Our affordable storage is used by many scouting families in Alhambra, and we know we will be able to make your life easier by using one too.

Storage Units in Alhambra for Your Troop’s Storage Needs

As a scout leader, your job is to make sure everything related to the scouting experience runs smoothly for your troop. Boy and girl scout troops can have a lot of equipment that needs to be stored securely. Consider Alhambra storage units by US Storage Centers for your scouts’ storage needs. To learn more, contact our Alhambra facility today in person or over the phone to speak with a member of our friendly staff.

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