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Art, Music and Life in Your Chatsworth Storage Unit

When Chatsworth was first discovered in our modern day, inhabitants soon began to realize they were not the first ones to reside in the area. Thousands of years ago, original Native Americans once settled in Chatsworth and even left vestiges of their residence, including rock art that can still be seen in some caves that surround the city. Today, Chatsworth residents still enjoy art and the humanities in different ways, which is why we at US Storage Centers provide storage units in Chatsworth to store art, music, and other belongings. If you are a lover of the humanities, see how a Chatsworth storage unit may also be able to help you.


Many artists use our storage units to store their pieces until they are accepted for display in local exhibitions or until they are contracted by other art projects. Curators also keep special pieces in our storage units until they are ready to be displayed. Many artists moving to Chatsworth or looking for a studio will use our storage units to ensure their pieces are protected. Why are so many artists utilizing our storage? It is because we have the best precautions to ensure valuable pieces are maintained and protected. First, we offer climate control to make sure extremes in temperature are not an issue, as this can drastically impact the integrity of many paintings or other pieces of art. Second, we offer top-notch security with state-of-the-art video monitoring and individually-alarmed units. Last, we also take care to only allow authorized personnel on the premises during our hours, ensuring that eyes are always on the facility and that your unit is protected.


For many of the same reasons artists store their pieces in a storage unit, musicians also commonly turn to our facility. Valuable musical instruments store well in our units, and amps, speakers, and other studio equipment are kept safe and out of the way until the next performance or recording. If storing instruments or musical equipment, we recommend keeping these in their original cases and taking care to not stack instruments on top of each other. This prevents toppling and potentially ruining very expensive instruments.

For Those Going Through Life

If you do not necessarily consider yourself an artist, you are not alone. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to take advantage of our storage units in Chatsworth, however. In addition to artists and musicians, we also heavily cater to those families and individuals who are going through a life change, including happy occasions such as a marriage or new baby and even sad occasions such as divorce or death of a loved one. When you find yourself transitioning into a new stage of life or needing to move to Chatsworth, you can also take advantage of the great deals we offer on your own personal mini storage.

Chatsworth Storage Units for You

Whether you are an artist, musician, or someone experiencing a move or significant life change, our storage units have something for everyone. Rent a unit online to secure our special move-in deals or call our office today to start renting a unit of your own.

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