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The Art and Science of Packing a Memphis Storage Unit

Some would say packing a Memphis storage unit correctly is an art or a science. Ultimately, one thing is for sure – it takes some ingenuity to use all of the vertical space in a storage unit to its maximum. If you do not stack your boxes and containers properly, they might end up toppling over and spewed all over the floor – or each other. Some of your belongings might break or be damaged.

Also, if there is no rhyme or reason to how you place your boxes in the storage unit, you will probably find yourself conducting a hunt for items that you thought for sure you knew where you packed them, opening boxes left and right and digging through each one.

In reality, before you start throwing your items into a storage unit, it’s important that you take a few moments to decide how you want to begin, and take care of the following necessary steps to help you facilitate the process.

Plan Before You Begin

You should create a general plan of how you will lay out your storage unit before moving the first box or piece of furniture in. It is best to move the biggest things in first, the medium-sized items and boxes next, and then work down toward the smallest items, which can be easily squeezed into smaller spaces. You may want to keep similar items together or to pack each room into their own areas in your storage unit. Whatever you choose, it is best to think it out and plan in advance of moving everything in.

Clean & Set Pallets

Before you move that first piece of furniture in, be sure to sweep out the unit and set down pallets according to your plan. Think about your plan for your storage unit and lay down the pallets that you have collected accordingly. Using pallets to set your belongings on will keep them protected as they spend time in your Memphis storage unit.

Stand Items Up

You obviously have much more vertical space to work with than horizontal – or floor – space. In order to use that vertical space to the maximum and to protect your items, stand things like frames and mirrors on their ends, rather than laying them flat.

At US Storage Centers in Memphis, we have all of your personal storage needs covered. We even have business storage needs under control. We offer climate controlled units to ensure that your belongings are kept just like they would be in your own home, safe from temperature and environmental fluctuations. Stop in to see the different options we have available for you today.

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