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Beating the Heat with Las Vegas Storage Units

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the hottest U.S. cities in the United States, with an average of 70 days a year reaching temperatures above 99 degrees. For those who live in Las Vegas, this means that air conditioning is a must and that pool days and cold showers offer a lot of relief.

But it also means that if you are storing items in Las Vegas self-storage units, these items could be at risk of damage due to extreme heat. Luckily, there are some things you can do to reduce the chance that your items will be damaged by temperature. Here are some tips for beating the heat and protecting your things when storing personal items in Las Vegas.

Choose a Unit that Offers Climate Control

When temperatures are extremely hot, you need a unit that offers climate control features to protect your items from serious damage. At US Storage Centers’ Las Vegas location, we are happy to report that our units are air-cooled, which means that you can store even temperature-sensitive items within our units without worrying about heat damage.

Things that should absolutely be stored in an air-cooled unit include all items that are at risk of heat damage, including:

  • Photographs;
  • Important documents;
  • Books;
  • Wood furniture;
  • Leather furniture;
  • Artwork; and
  • Electronics.

Make Sure Heat-Sensitive Items Are Properly Stored

In addition to investing in a Las Vegas self-storage unit that offers temperature control features, you should also take precautions to make sure all items are stored properly. This means:

  • Removing batteries from any electronic devices;
  • Storing paperwork and photographs in plastic protectors;
  • Covering furniture with sheets or furniture covers;
  • Making sure artwork is wrapped and covered (the type of art may dictate how it needs to be stored, i.e. watercolors and oil paintings may require different storage techniques); and
  • Leaving the doors of any refrigerators or freezers you store slightly ajar.

Make sure you avoid storing certain items in your Las Vegas self storage unit, such as food, medications, or high-pressure containers.

Choose Your Air Cooled Storage Unit Today

Storage units provide an easy solution for creating more space in your home; keeping items that you want to hold onto, but don’t need now; and providing you with a convenient place to store your belongings if you’re moving or relocating. But storing personal items in Las Vegas heat can be risky business, which is why following the tips above, and investing in an air conditioned storage unit, is strongly advised.

At US Storage Centers’ Las Vegas location, we offer dozens of different units in sizes big and small. All of our units come equipped with climate control and have drive up access. What’s more, we offer a free move-in truck when you rent one of our Las Vegas storage units.

Our facility is secured via electronic gated access and is protected by video recording 24/7. To see our units in person today, visit our location on Glen Avenue during our offices hours. You can also call us at 702-872-3778.

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