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Camping Essentials and How to Store Them in a Phoenix Storage Unit

Camping Essentials and How to Store Them in a Phoenix Storage Unit

Published September 28, 2016

Phoenix is home to a wide variety of scenic locations and natural attractions, and hiking, backpacking, and camping all are fun and adventurous ways of experiencing these places up close. For outdoor enthusiasts, nothing beats catching the view from the summit of a challenging trail, watching the sunset stretch out over the mountain tops, or catching sight of a falling star while sitting around a campfire at night.

Without a doubt, having the right camping gear can make your trip easier and more comfortable, but what do you do with it all when it is not being used? Camping equipment can get expensive, and storing it in your garage or shed can leave it vulnerable to damage from weather and animals. A Phoenix storage unit is the perfect solution, making sure the camping supplies you invest in are ready and waiting on your next camping trip.

Important Gear To Take With You On Your Camping Trip

While all you really need for a camping or backpacking trip is some comfortable clothes, a good pair of shoes, and an adventurous spirit, most of us rely on additional items to provide some creature comforts, as well as protection from the elements. Nobody knows the great outdoors like the experts at National Geographic, and while the supplies you need will vary based on where you go and at what time of the year, they recommend investing in the following:

  • A decent quality sleeping bag with a full length zipper and enough room to fit your height, with maybe a few inches to spare;
  • A durable, water repellent jacket;
  • The appropriate footwear for hiking and climbing;
  • A GPS tracker with text messaging abilities;
  • A portable gas grill with stove top;
  • A couple of pots and pans, as well as eating and drinking utensils;
  • A sturdy, comfortable backpack to fit all your gear;
  • A portable tent that is easy to assemble, yet sturdy enough to stand up to the elements.

Storing Your Gear

Camping equipment should be portable enough to fit into a backpack or the trunk of your car, but storing these items will require some extra space. According to the website Trails.com, your gear may be able to withstand the rigors of the elements when in use, but when not in use it can easily get damaged and worn. Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and shoes are liable to get moldy, dank, and moth eaten if not unpacked and stored properly, and grills, pans, and other campfire essentials are susceptible to dents, dings, and rust. A Phoenix storage unit offers a spacious, temperature controlled environment for keeping these items in great shape, while providing added protection against loss and theft. Trails.com recommends the following tips for storing camping gear:


  • Make sure all of your equipment is clean and thoroughly dry before placing in storage;
  • Pay extra attention to tents and sleeping bags, unfolding them to ensure they dry both inside and out;
  • Once dry, avoid compressing down or synthetic sleeping bags or outerwear, which can damage the insulating fibers;
  • Inspect grills and cooking gear for damage or missing parts, and disconnect or remove unused gas canisters or liquid fuel cartridges;
  • Keep loose items such as your cooking utensils, GPS devices, and binoculars together in marked plastic bins.

Your Gear and a Phoenix Storage Unit

Before placing in storage, make an inventory of all of your supplies and note what items you need to add or replace and refer to it in the months before your next camping trip. You will easily be able to add and remove items from your Phoenix storage unit as often as you please.

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