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Facing the Storm with North Miami Beach Self Storage

Facing the Storm with North Miami Beach Self Storage

Published May 9, 2017

When North Miami Beach had just become a city in 1926, a devastating hurricane swept the town leaving destruction in its wake and the city in shambles. The residents of the area were able to band together and repair the city, but the North Miami Beach didn’t fully recover until after WWII when the area began to gain popularity again.

Today, Florida sees at least 2 hurricanes a year, usually between the months of August and October. The warmer summer waters create conditions where hurricanes can thrive during these months, though North Miami Beach hasn’t seen as destructive a hurricane as the one which destroyed the city 90 years ago. At US Storage Centers, our self-storage in North Miami Beach can help people prepare for hurricanes and brave the storms they may need to face.

Hurricane Preparation Supplies

It is a good idea to have hurricane preparation supplies before disaster hits. North Miami Beach residents would be wise to make sure they have a first aid kit, a hand crank radio/flashlight, whistle to signal for help, toiletries, and food storage sufficient to help their family in case of a disastrous hurricane. A reserve of water, for example, takes up a lot of space to make sure you have enough to cover the needs of your family. After the hurricane season, which only lasts 3 to 4 months out of the year, many residents will keep these emergency preparation items in their own self-storage unit. They are available to access at any time and are readily available when hurricane seasons rolls around. Storing hurricane preparation supplies in your own personal storage unit can help clear out space in the house while giving you the ability to prepare for hurricane season when it arrives.

Paperwork / Important documents

Keeping documents and paperwork safe, such as tax returns or birth certificates, is important because it can prevent trouble down the road after a hurricane has passed. If any flood or house damage compromises the integrity of important documents, it is a difficult process to go about obtaining new copies. By keeping these documents in your own secured, indoor unit, you add another layer of protection for your documents. You won’t need to fear water damage or moisture ruining your documents as most of our units are indoors and come with climate control.

Tools & Home Improvement Supplies

Though most homes and businesses in North Miami Beach today are built with materials to withstand most hurricanes, tropical storms can still cause some significant damage to your buildings. Self-storage units help residents keep their tools and home improvement supplies safe in case a hurricane strikes and their home needs repairs.

Self-Storage for Other Life Storms

Hurricanes aren’t the only thing we provide storage for. Anyone who is facing a personal storm in his or her life, such as a divorce, death, or moving, will find our storage units beneficial. We provide you with affordable space for your belongings - anything from furniture and heirlooms to extra boxes of clothing - while you are going through a trial. To help you brave the storm, we also offer special move-in rates. You can inquire about our move-in rates with our local North Miami Beach office.

Secure Your Self-Storage

Whether the weather be rainy or whether the weather be hot, get a storage unit with us today. We can help you prepare for hurricane season or any other storm life blows your way. Make sure to call us today and secure your unit now!

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