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Family is Everything: Tigard Storage Units

Family is Everything: Tigard Storage Units

Published May 24, 2017

Family has always been the at the center and heart of Tigard. Even the city itself was named after one of the prominent families that first settled Tigard. The Tigard family lived and thrived in the 1800s, building the city’s first school, general store and meeting hall and paved the way for churches and other organizations to be established. All of these innovations made Tigard city what it is today, all to support the families that live in the community.

US Storage Centers in Tigard is just as dedicated to families. We believe families are important, and we support them through our storage units in Tigard. Whenever families are going through a big or life-altering change, they know that their best interests are in our hearts. When some of the following life events occur in your family, consider us to help alleviate the situation.

New Addition to the Family

A new baby comes with all the joy in the world. Parents experience the thrill of providing and loving a new child and admiring the overall cuteness of their baby. Additions to the family can also be difficult, however, because it means creating new space for diapers, clothing, changing tables, and cribs, not to mention long waking hours during evening feedings. Families in Tigard turn to our storage units when they bring new children into the world because they know they can rely on us to store their belongings. When families need to convert a home office into a nursery or create space in another child’s room for a new bed, parents need somewhere to keep their desks, chairs, and toy chests. Our self-storage offers a great place to keep these items until families need them again, all the while protecting your belongings with climate control and top-notch security. Families also enjoy storing baby clothing in bin in their storage units to use when more children come along.

Death of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, his or her family is usually responsible for going through their belongings and making sure the house is taken care of. When family members acquire belongings from a deceased relative, they usually feel a little lost or inundated. With anything from boxes of clothing to valuable antiques and furniture, many of these items can be kept in a personal storage unit until other affairs are set in order.

Loss of a Job

The loss of a job is demoralizing for sure, but its impact on a family is the most concerning. It usually means relocating or needing to downsize living spaces until other ends meet. Those who find themselves in this position in Tigard feel more secure that they have a place to keep their belongings while trying to find a new job or move to another home.

Here for Your Family

No matter the family situation you may be going through, from sending off a child to college to going through a tough separation, remember that US Storage Centers is always here for you. Secure your family’s storage units in Tigard today by giving us a call or by making a reservation online.

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