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Five Crucial Tips for Using Westminster Storage Units

Between signing the pertinent paperwork and introducing you to your Westminster storage unit, we don’t always have time to go over tips that could make your storage experience nicer. However, there are many tips and tricks that we have learned – and we continue to learn – along the way. Many of them we have learned ourselves, while other tips, our tenants have actually taught us. Regardless of who came up with the idea, if it’s a good one, we like to share it.

Here are five crucial tips for using our Westminster storage units:

Grab Some Pallets

No matter how nice and clean our storage units are, you will still want to elevate your belongings off of the floor. Keeping your nice items elevated will keep them protected from any potential spills that could cause lasting damage.

Use Plastic Wrap to Protect Your Store items

Invest in some industrial strength plastic wrap to wrap your larger items. That way, you will know that your furniture and carpets are sealed up tightly and they won’t be collecting dust or insects while they are in the storage unit.

Make Sure to Label Everything

We have seen too many tenants do this the hard way. They pack all of their belongings – or even just a portion of their belongings – into boxes and store them away in the storage unit. Just a few months later, they spend hours searching through box after box, obviously looking for something important. Save yourself the hassle and label while you are packing. You may know exactly what you packed and where you packed it today, tomorrow, and several weeks from now, but as the months go by, you may start to forget.

Protect the Storage Unit

We know that you don’t come to us with the intention to tear apart our storage unit, but accidents happen. You can protect yourself from accidents that could incur fines by simply covering the floors – and possibly even walls – with plastic. Indeed, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Plan on Using All of the Available Space

Even one of our 5’x5’ units can hold a huge amount of stuff, if packed with ingenuity. This means that you have to make use of all of the vertical space, all of the way up to the ceiling. You can lay pieces of plywood at certain level increments to stabilize the boxes as you are layering them, as well as balance the pressure.

If you have any storage tips that you wish someone else had told you before you rented your first storage unit, we hope you come in and share them with us here at US Storage Centers in Westminster. And don’t hesitate to ask us more about the great benefits we can offer.

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