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Using self storage is cost effective for tradesmen.

Four Businesses You Can Start Out of Your Storage Unit in Corona, California

A great many kinds of businesses can take advantage of self storage for several reasons. Whether you need to store extra inventory or data and document backups, renting a storage unit can probably help your business. These four business types are unique in that they can be run completely out of your storage unit!

Caterers and Event Planners

Using a self storage unit to store event staging materials is easy and convenient.

You can’t put a kitchen in your storage unit – sorry, it’s just against the rules. The flip side of catering, though, is producing dozens of tables, hundreds of chairs, and all the accoutrement that may be required for different kinds of events. While you could rent or buy a kitchen that has enough storage to run your whole operation, Cal Jones of Rent A Space wrote that using a storage unit allows for greater flexibility and could help you save money in the long run!

Resellers and Import/Export

Reselling items found in corona california is easy when you use self storage

Whether you’re a bargain picker out to make a fortune off finding gems in the muck or an international importer/exporter, one of your biggest concerns is where to keep your inventory. You have many different options for solutions, but renting a unit eliminates multiple problems at once. You have people at the facility every day keeping an eye on things, the security of fences, key-coded gates, and cameras, and the extra security provided by being an anonymous storage unit in a facility of hundreds.

Many facilities will also accept package deliveries on your behalf. This convenience, paired with the organizational advantages of using a self storage unit makes US Storage Centers a no-brainer for entrepreneurs in Corona.


Using self storage is cost effective for tradesmen.

Part of being a tradesman is mastering the use of your tools. From electricians to general contractors, securing and maintaining your tools is of the utmost importance to be able to stay competitive. Luckily, storage units make excellent locations for your shop! Add in some shelves and a table, and suddenly you can clean, repair, store, and inventory your tools – throw in a parking space for your truck and you can run your whole business through a unit near you!

Landscapers and Lawn Care Professionals

Lawncare equipment is easy to store at US Storage Centers in Corona, California.

If you’re tending the greens and fairways at the Cresta Verde Golf Course in the heart of Corona or just mowing lawns and trimming hedges in the surrounding neighborhoods, you needs some place for all of those mowers, whackers, trimmers and tools. Maybe even a spot for your work truck. Flexible access hours ensure you are able to get to your work site on time with as little hassle and as much security as possible.

Self Storage for Small Businesses

This is barely the tip of the iceberg for small businesses that can benefit from renting a self storage unit from US Storage Centers. We have a variety of storage unit sizes available to cater to your unique self storage need, including parking spaces. Call us today at (951) 638-4499 or swing by our office to speak with our professional and knowledgeable staff to learn more!

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