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An RV exploring the open road outside Chandler, AZ.

Life After Storage for Your RV in Chandler, AZ

As long as you followed good practices when preparing your RV for long-term storage in the Arizona climate, dewinterizing it will not be terribly difficult. The order in which you’ll be able to perform most of the dewinterization will depend on whether you have access to potable water at your storage facility. If you do have access to water, it would be beneficial to get started sooner than later just because of the recommended wait time for sanitizing your plumbing system.

A man wiping down a class-a RV in Chandler, AZ.Step Inside

Each dewinterization step begins the same way – first, perform a visual check of the entire inside of the vehicle. Open up every cabinet, closet, and door – some critters are just too clever for even the most careful of winterizing. Open all the windows to let your RV air out, and make sure the sealant is intact for each window and door. It might not seem important, but an air leak could cause problems down the road. Finally, if you have any propane fittings, you should check to make sure there isn’t a propane leak. Beckley’s Camping Center says “make sure there are no open flames or possible ignition sources in range and open the propane tank. Then spray a bit of soapy water at every single propane fitting. If any bubbles form, this indicates that you have a propane leak that you’ll need to fix right away.”

Outside Your RV

For starters, perform a full visual check of the outside of your vehicle. Make sure there is no unaccounted-for damage, and remove any covers you placed to keep critters out while in storage. Check the pressure on all of your tires and fill to the recommended levels. If you have a towable RV, make sure to check all of the hitch components for rust and other damage. Taking care of these types of problems will prevent a world of annoyance later when you’re trying to enjoy yourself!

Under the Hood

The first step is – big surprise here – perform a complete visual check of your RV’s entire engine and underbody. Inspect and/or replace any parts that look questionable, especially if you’ve seen other evidence of rodents. Check all of the fluid levels as well – if you filled them up before storing, you want to make sure you catch a leak now instead of assuming you wouldn’t run out of oil!

Next is to install the battery again. Check and clean the terminal ends before attaching the cables, secure the battery with the hold-down clamp if there is one, and make sure to connect the positive terminal first. Then you’ll need to methodically check each powered system, starting with headlights and brake lights, and back inside to your appliances and outlets as well. If you run into any electrical issues, it is best to consult a professional before attempting to perform any kind of repair.

An RV exploring the open road outside Chandler, AZ.Sanitize the Tanks

The final major step in dewinterizing your RV is to prepare your water system. Make sure that all chemicals that you use are safe for your tanks. Run your water pump and each faucet, then add your cleaning chemicals. Turn off the faucets and let it sit for several hours. Once you’re sure the chemicals have sat long enough – consult a professional – turn on all your faucets and run them until there is no more smell of cleaner. Make sure to only drain water in proper areas.

Crossing the Finish Line – Hitting the Open Road

One thing that many people overlook when taking their RV out of storage is verifying the emergency equipment is still in working condition. Optimally, you should just replace the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, make sure to check all of your fire extinguishers. When you need a fire extinguisher is the worst time to find out that yours expired 2 years ago!

Now you’re ready to get back on the road for more adventures! When you’re back home and need somewhere to park your RV, either in-between trips or for the Winter, Tower Storage in Chandler, AZ is here for you. With RV, boat, and car parking, not to mention top-of-the-line facilities including drive-up and climate controlled storage units, Tower Storage can handle all of your self storage needs.

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