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Nashville Climate-Controlled Storage: Is It Worth the Hype?

Published March 3, 2018

For much of the year, Central Tennessee is hot and humid. In July and August, the average high temperature in Nashville approaches 90 degrees. It is not uncommon for us to see temperatures nearing the triple digits. This has major implications for your storage unit. If you are storing certain sensitive and valuable items, you may wish to consider climate-controlled self-storage in Nashville TN. We have many units available through US Storage Centers, and this is certainly well worth the investment. With a climate-regulated space, you can be sure that your belongings will be properly protected from the elements.

Why Climate-Controlled Units are Worth the Cost

Many items do not do well in extreme temperatures and high humidity. The simple fact is that heat and moisture will cause serious damage to certain items. If something is worth keeping in storage, then it should be stored in the right way. Not everything needs to be kept in a climate-regulated space, but many things do. You need to find the right space for each item. While a climate-controlled storage unit will cost a little bit of extra money, it is well worth the expense to ensure that your most sensitive and valuable items are being preserved, including the following three:

Documents/Photo Albums

Documents, paper, records, and photo albums are sensitive to heat and humidity. These types of items should always be kept within a climate-regulated space. If papers or photos are exposed to heat and humidity, they could deteriorate. With the proper temperature and moisture control, you can be sure that sensitive documents and photo albums will be safely preserved for future generations.


If you are storing electronics or appliances in your Nashville storage unit, you need to be aware of the fact that these items are vulnerable to humidity. The last thing you want to do is keep a computer or expensive appliance in a storage unit for months, only to have it break down when you finally take it out to use it. Our Nashville climate-controlled units can keep your valuable electronics and appliances safe and secure. Store these items the right way.


All fabrics are sensitive to heat and humidity. These two common elements can wear out the colors of fabric and can cause serious long-term degradation to the cloth. Whether you are storing clothing, carpet, rugs, blankets, fabric-based furnishings, or anything else with fabric, you should be sure to keep these items stored safely within a climate-controlled space. The relatively minor extra expense will be well worth it in the long run.

Find the Most Affordable Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Nashville, TN Has Available

At US Storage Centers, we are proud to be leaders in the storage industry. Our Nashville storage facility offers affordable climate-controlled storage units. If you are looking for a climate-regulated storage unit in Davidson County to keep your sensitive items, please call our team today at (615) 205-0966 or contact us online. We will help you explore all of our available options. Our storage professionals look forward to working with you.