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Putting Your House on the Market and Alhambra Storage Units Near You

Housing prices are on the rise in Alhambra, California, making this year the perfect time to sell your home and maximize your equity. A buyer’s market also means competition among sellers in the area can be stiff. If you are considering putting your house on the market this year, learn how using an Alhambra storage unit to stage your home can set your house apart from the rest. And if you are wondering where you can find Alhambra storage facilities near you, our professional staff at US Storage Centers can help.

Step One: Declutter

If you are selling your home to move into a bigger one, chances are you have already run out of storage in your home. A house that is packed to the brim with clutter looks small, dark, and dirty. The first step to staging your home to sell is to remove excessive and unnecessary items from the home.

Tackle one room at a time by separating your possessions into three groups: (1) throw away or donate; (2) place in storage; and (3) keep in the home. Only items that you use on an everyday basis should stay in the house. Items that have no sentimental, financial, or useful purpose can be given away or recycled. Everything else can be temporarily placed in a storage unit in Alhambra.

Step Two: Repair and Remodel

Once excess clutter has been removed from the home, you will be able to see with fresh eyes how much work your house needs to be market ready. If you have the budget for it, certain remodeling projects can substantially increase the value of your home. At the very least, you should repair any holes or nicks in the walls, apply a fresh coat of paint, and professionally clean (or replace) the floors.

Like decluttering, it is easiest to take on fixer-upper projects one room at a time. Start with the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. Many projects require you to completely empty a room before beginning. Store furniture and other items in your Alhambra storage unit until your remodeling and repairs are complete. U.S. Storage Centers offers perfectly-sized storage units in Alhambra to hold the contents of a single bedroom or a large house. Check out our size guide to see the units we offer.

Step Three: Clean and Stage

The final step when preparing your home for sale is to deep clean and stage the home. If it hasn’t been recently replaced, it needs to be dusted, scrubbed, steamed, or vacuumed. Move furniture away from the walls (and into a storage unit in Alhambra) to ensure the baseboards are cleaned and the carpets are shampooed.

Staging your home involves rearranging furniture to highlight the home’s best features and downplay its weaknesses. If your furniture and other items are too big and bulky for your home (or unappealing in some other way), your realtor may ask you to remove the items from the home. It is also common to bring in new, modern pieces that complement your home. These items can be sold with the home or to an individual at a later date. Your Alhambra storage unit will keep your extra belongings safe and secure until you are ready to bring them to your new home.

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