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Repurposing Your Belongings for Your Hialeah Storage Unit

When people pack up their belongings to place in a Hialeah storage unit, they typically think about using boxes and storage containers to hold all of their smaller items. If you think outside of the box, though, you can not only repurpose some of your larger items as containers, but you can also save space in your storage unit, as well. The following includes a few ways we have devised to help repurpose some of your items you might be packing in your storage.


If you are packing a refrigerator, it is naturally going to take up quite a bit of space on its own in your storage unit. Utilize all of that space inside of it to hold other items and you won’t be losing much space at all storing it. Be sure to defrost your refrigerator several days before you plan to store it and clean and dry the inside as much as possible. Clean and dry all of the drawers and compartments, as well. You can put all of the drawers and compartments back inside of it once cleaned and dried, as well as items like dishes, linens, towels, blankets, pillows, and anything else you are comfortable storing inside of it.

Dressers & Bureaus

Dressers and bureaus can be just as bulky in your storage as your refrigerator is. But, if you repurpose them to hold other items similar to how we talked about using your refrigerator, you will be using the interior space of your dressers and bureaus wisely. You can either keep your clothing in the drawers, or you can store other items, like books and paperwork, extra handbags, ties, or anything else you want to kept safe and sound inside of the drawers. Consider investing in some plastic wrap. That way, you can pack the drawers and plastic wrap them for easy transportation.


You can use your bookshelves the same way that you use your refrigerator, dressers, and bureaus. You may or may not elect to repurpose your bookshelves – you may want to use them just as they are used in your home, to hold books. You can decide to stack books back on them once your shelves are moved into your Hialeah storage unit, or you can choose to stack packed boxes on the shelves. Either way, you will be using that vertical space to your advantage, rather than losing all of the usable space.

Hialeah Storage Units for You

At US Storage Centers in Hialeah, we take pride in providing you with invaluable information about storing your belongings. We offer our Hialeah storage units to people who need them, whether you have realized that you are using more of your house as storage and need a continuous storage solution, or you are planning to move from one home to another and just need a temporary storage solution. Our units start as small as closet-sized, at 5’x5’, perfect for storing a closet full of belongings like seasonal stuff, all the way up to 20’x10’, to move your entire house into. Reach out to us today to learn more about the great storage solutions we provide.

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