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To Sell or to Store: The Benefits of an Alhambra Storage Unit

Whether you are moving or just need to clear some space in your Alhambra home, the decision of whether to sell (or toss) your personal items or to rent an Alhambra storage unit, is a big one. While some things can certainly go curbside, there are some big benefits to selecting a personal storage unit from US Storage Centers. Here are some tips and information about what to sell and what to keep, as well as the advantages of renting an Alhambra storage unit.

What to Sell vs. What to Store When Moving or Creating Room

Parting with your personal items can be tough to do. Here are some tips for determining what you should sell or throw away and what you should keep in your Alhambra personal storage unit.

Things you should sell, throw away, or donate:

  • Items that have not been used in years and are of little value or are in poor condition, such as stained rugs, clothes with holes, chipped dishware, old electronics, etc.
  • Furniture that you absolutely hate and don’t plan on using again. Do you have a couch that, while in good condition, you cannot stand to look at? Unless you plan to refurbish it, what is the point of keeping it if you know you can make a few bucks by selling it?
  • Items that you do not need. Do you have three sets of dishes? How about four surfboards? What about the collection of books that you have not read in years? If you have personal items that you absolutely do not need and will not need in the future, do not hold onto them.

On the other hand, things that you should absolutely keep in personal storage if you are moving or don’t have room for them at home include:

  • Sports equipment and gear, especially if it’s in top condition, including bicycles, golf clubs, surf and boogie boards, skateboards, and more.
  • Furniture, especially when it’s pricey. Armoires, couches, TV stands, and mattresses are all pretty expensive items, especially when top quality. These items should be stored in your personal storage unit.
  • Items of sentimental value. While you should not store valuable items, such as expensive jewelry, in a storage unit, items of sentimental value that you want to hold onto should absolutely be placed in your Alhambra storage center.

The Benefits of Alhambra Storage Units

Storage units are ideal when you need a little extra room for your personal items, or need to place your items in a safe place for weeks, months, or even years at a time. Benefits of using an Alhambra storage unit include:

    • Peace of mind and comfort knowing your items will be there when you’re ready for them;
    • Security – our US Storage Centers’ Alhambra location is under 24/7 video recording and is protected via electronic gated access; and


  • Big savings – by storing your items rather than tossing them and buying new furniture, clothes, sports equipment, etc., you could potentially save hundreds of dollars!


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