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Storage Nearby Benefits Your Small Phoenix Business

US Storage Centers offer the perfect solution for decluttering your home, but having storage nearby also helps manage your small business. Whether you offer your services in the community or sell items either online or in person, having a Phoenix storage unit at your disposal can help you stay more organized and productive. If you have ever wondered, “Is there available storage near me?” in the Phoenix area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for help.

The Business Advantages of Having Storage Nearby

When you are an independent business owner, your home can easily get cluttered with paperwork and supplies needed as part of your trade. Having storage near you avoids this problem, offering a clean, secure, easily accessible space. US Storage Centers offers units in a variety of sizes. These range from spaces that are no bigger than your bathroom to larger areas that allow you to use multiple shelving systems or filing cabinets for keeping supplies neatly together.

Keeping everything you need in one neat, organized area helps to control costs and makes serving your clients more efficient and effective. Types of small businesses that can benefit from a Phoenix storage unit include:

  • Accountants, tax preparers, and business consultants: Storage allows you to keep better track of important files and documents;
  • Catering services: Keep china, glassware, table linens, and cookware in containers that allow easy transportation to an event or facility;
  • Cleaning companies: Scrub brushes, mops, buckets, bags of cleaning cloths, and vacuums can be kept in one location, allowing you to grab the tool you need for each particular job;
  • Home designers and floral arrangers: Home decor items, fabrics, color swatches and other supplies can be easily displayed in your storage unit, allowing you to better serve the individual needs of your clients.

In addition to keeping your business supplies organized, renting a storage unit in Phoenix often has tax benefits. Check IRS guidelines to see if this applies to your situation, but you may be able to deduct the cost of your storage unit as a business expense, thereby reducing your tax debt.

Keeping Inventory On Hand In Storage Increases Sales

Having storage helps in maintaining inventory for independent sales ventures as well. At the local Phoenix storage unit facility on East Cinnabar, we offer on-site management, gated pin code access, and individual climate controlled units that keep your stock safe and secure.

RetailMeNot lists ten of the top companies for direct sales. Whether you sell products for one of these companies, such as the Pampered Chef or Scentsy, or collect items from estate sales and flea markets for resale on sites such as eBay, you benefit from having everything in a convenient, easily accessible location. This allows you to take advantage of special deals and invest in larger amounts of inventory, which can result in increased sales.

Visit US Storage Centers Phoenix location at 1201 East Cinnabar Avenue. Our helpful staff will be happy to give you a tour of the facility and to answer any of your questions. Stop by today to find a storage unit in a size to best suit your small business needs.

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