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Storing Baby Items? How an Alhambra Storage Unit Can Help

Storing Baby Items? How an Alhambra Storage Unit Can Help

Published September 14, 2016

Having a baby can be a very exciting time in a family's life. Both parents have an opportunity to bring a new child into their family, for them to love and bond with. Whenever a child enters the family home, that child is going to require certain things to help facilitate his or her growth and development. Most parents acquire many items that are designed to help them raise  and take care of their child.

Things That A Baby Needs

Babies require a number of items to ensure they are taken care of. A few examples of the things that babies need include:

  • Baby clothes;
  • High chairs;
  • A crib;
  • A car seat;
  • Strollers;
  • Playpens;
  • Mobiles;
  • A baby monitor;
  • Baby bottles, plates and eating utensils;
  • Any number of developmental and educational toys;
  • Bedtime books; and
  • Baby blankets, bedding, and stuffed animals.

Storing Baby Items in A Storage Unit

All of these baby items cost money, and can take up a lot of space in the family home. And many of these items are things that the baby can - and will - outgrow at some point. But for families that are interested and having more children in the future, it might make sense to use a storage unit to store the things that the baby outgrows, especially if those items could be used again in the future by younger siblings yet to come.

Storage units come in a number of different sizes, and it is possible to get a storage unit that is the right size to suit your storage needs. Storage units can be as small as five feet by five feet or as large as ten feet by thirty feet. Both indoor and outdoor storage units are available, and it is possible to get a storage unit that is temperature controlled.

If you do choose to store your baby items in a storage unit for future use, there are some practical actions that you should consider taking to prepare your baby items for storage. Below are few tips  that you may find helpful when you are storing baby stuff in a storage unit.

  • Make sure all baby items are clean before putting them into storage. It is important to make sure that the baby items you plan to store are clean, laundered, and organized before you put them into storage. Making sure everything is clean and organized when it goes into storage will make things easier when it's time to take everything out.
  • Pack similar baby items together. One good tip for packing up baby items for storage is  to pack similar-type baby items together in one plastic tub or a box. Keeping all of the baby’s eating utensil items together in one place can be very convenient when you take these boxed items out of storage.

An Alhambra Storage Unit for You

If you have a baby, but your baby has outgrown many of their baby items, and you plan on having children in the future, it may make sense to get a storage unit to store your baby-related items until it is time to have another child. US Storage Centers in Alhambra retains a number of different storage unit sizes to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our storage unit and rental options.

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