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Using a Phoenix Storage Unit for Your Business Supplies

Storage units can do much more than hold unwanted stuff. They also work well for business owners. Many businesses require a ton of room for inventory, paperwork, computers, and equipment. Many budding entrepreneurs have the drive to succeed, but not necessarily the space to make it happen.

That’s where storage units come in. If you’re looking to run a business, but don’t have enough room at home, you may be wondering, “where can I find storage units near me in Phoenix?” Storage units can store everything you need, and they are often tax-deductible, so you can claim them as business expenses.

Is your business growing, and you’re quickly running out of space? Here are some types of businesses that can benefit from the use of a storage unit.

Online Business

Many people make money selling items on eBay, Amazon and other sites. However, you need a place to keep your inventory if you want to succeed. If you can no longer keep items in your garage or closet, a storage unit can serve as a warehouse and offer sufficient room to store the items until they are sold. Plus, the cost to rent a storage unit is much cheaper than renting a warehouse.


Accountants work with personal and financial information that must be kept secure and protected. Storage units accomplish this goal. If you must hold onto large amounts of paperwork from multiple clients and need more room or organization that your home office can handle, consider a storage unit. Many offer climate control to keep your documents safe from extreme temperatures.


Art supplies can take up a significant amount of space. Whether you use easels for painting or kilns to make ceramics, these items take up a lot of space in a home garage or shed. A storage unit can hold supplies that you don’t use as often, keeping you organized while freeing up extra space in your home. It’s also a good place to store finished works of arts—such as paintings, sculptures and other masterpieces—until they are ready to be sold. They are kept safe, away from other people and animals in your home that may unintentionally ruin the items. Plus, climate controlled units keep the temperature at a comfortable temperature.

Repair Shop

Whether you work on cars, furniture, computers or anything else that is broken and in need of repair, you can use a storage unit to give you the extra space you need to further your business. You likely cannot keep everything in your home or even your garage. You can keep the broken items as well as your repair tools in the unit so you have easy access to everything you need when you’re reading to start working on an item.

Reserve Your Phoenix Storage Unit Today

If you are ready to grow your business, see how a storage unit can help you accomplish your goals. At US Storage Centers’ Phoenix location, we can help you choose the storage unit that is right for storing your business equipment. Discover the various sizes and options available so you can find the right storage unit for your needs and budget.

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