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Who is VaultDrop and what is encrypted data?

VaultDrop was created by a group of professionals who are committed to data security. VaultDrop’s proprietary cloud storage service uses patented data security to encrypt all the files you upload making them virtually impossible to hack. Your data is scrambled so no one but you and the people you designate can access it. To date, not a single file has been compromised on VaultDrop.

How does cloud storage benefit you?

✔Back-up smartphone photos
✔Take pictures of your self-storage contents
✔Upload and encrpyt private data from your computer
✔Share family photos
✔Upload and share work files

VaultDrop & US Storage Centers are partnering together!

When you rent with US Storage Centers, you get the Total StorageTM experience! Shortly after renting your unit, you will receive an email with the offer for your complimentary Cloud storage account.

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