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Affordable Storage for Your Olympic Athlete

Colorado Springs is home to nearly 450 thousand people, and it continues to grow. More and more families move to Colorado Springs every year both for work or even to train for the Olympics! In fact, one of Colorado Spring’s most famous facilities is the United States Olympic Training Center (OTC), the first and one of three training centers around the country established by the US Olympic Committee (which is also headquartered in Colorado Springs). Olympic athletes from all over the nation come to live in Colorado Springs specifically to train in this facility, bringing along with them their families and the families of their teammates. At American Mini Storage, we offer affordable storage units for those moving to Colorado Springs to help athletes and their families focus on training. Consider what we may be able to do for you and how you can take advantage of our storage units during your move.

For Any Period of Time

Those families with training Olympic athletes who come to stay in Colorado Spring usually have different lengths of time they will reside here. Many teams will only visit the OTC for only a few months at a time while individual athletes may reside here for years. Whatever living situation your family chooses to best train your athlete, our storage units are great options. There is a lot that you will need to pack to make Colorado Springs home away from home if you are only staying a few months, all of which can be kept in one of our storage units. It reduces the amount of items you need to keep in your car or hotel room, which eliminates clutter and disorganization of your belongings. The best part is that our units are based on a month-to-month contract, so you only need to purchase a unit for the time that you need it.


For others who are making a permanent move to Colorado Springs, storage units help make the initial process easier. Many families tend to live in smaller living spaces until they can accommodate all of their belongings, which makes storage a great place to keep furniture and bulky appliances until you find a bigger place which will accommodate these items.

For Athletes Specifically

There are many events for which an athlete may be training at the OTC. Every athlete also has his or her own gear and equipment which they use train. When this gear is not being used readily, we recommend storing it in one of our storage units. Some items we recommend may include:

  • Extra pairs of athletic shoes
  • Weight sets
  • Boxing gloves and helmets
  • Archery supplies, including targets, bows, and arrows
  • Rackets
  • Balls
  • Golf clubs and even carts
  • Canoes/row boats
  • Bikes

Whatever your sport or discipline in Olympic games, we have the storage space you need to focus on your training.

Affordable Storage in Colorado Springs

Many athletes and their families are on a budget when they come to Colorado Springs. This is why American Mini Storage provides affordable storage for you and your family, including differently sized units to only pay for the space you need to monthly contracts that save you on expensive contracts. Inquire with our office today about our special rates and how you can save when you rent a unit from us!

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