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Are Your Possessions Safe? Finding A Secure Peoria Storage Facility

Are Your Possessions Safe? Finding A Secure Peoria Storage Facility

Published December 23, 2014

Your Peoria self storage facility should treat your belongings with the respect and care that they would show their own belongings, if not more. Before you decide on a facility, make sure that you ask the right questions and conduct your own mini-investigation to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Before you start analyzing facilities, take a moment to analyze your belongings to determine the amount of security you need. What are you storing? Furniture? Sensitive office material? You may need to consider higher security measures for more valuable belongings. We’ve compiled this checklist of things to look for to determine how safe the facility is, and how safe your belongings will be once under lock and key.

Security Checklist for Choosing a Peoria Storage Facility

1. Gated Entry or Indoor Facility- If you can enter a self-storage facility easily without entering through a gate, a door, or some other barrier, you should turn around and leave. If you can enter the facility that easily, so can a thief. 2. Security Cameras and Alarm System- This is another bare minimum for security. A Peoria self storage facility should have an alarm system to detect intruders, and security cameras to watch all activity within the compound.
3. Human Security- A human security guard should be available to admit visitors and patrol the units. If there is no security guard, the facility staff should be vigilant about random patrols through the facility to ensure there are no unauthorized persons on the grounds.

Keeping Your Possessions Safe

You can ask the staff at the facility, or you can research this question yourself, “What conditions need to be met to safely store my possessions?”

Determine if you need to have an air-conditioned unit, or if having a drive-up unit will better suit your needs. Do you have fur coats to store that need to be climate controlled? Maybe you need an indoor Peoria storage unit to keep boxes safe from humidity? What conditions do your belongings need to be stored in to secure their integrity?

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