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RVing and camping is easy when you use a self storage unit in Chandler, AZ

How You Can Be a Better Camper Using Self Storage in Chandler, AZ

Camping isn’t just about being in nature, it also tests your ability to be prepared in the wild. In the 21st Century, that can mean bringing along more tools than you would ever need! We’re here to help you stay prepared in-between outings – you don’t want to buy a new tent each trip, do you?

Storing Your Tent

Camping around Chandler, Arizona is likely to leave your tent in rough shape by the time you’re finished and returned to civilization. High winds, dirt, sand, and the occasional monsoon will chip away at your tent’s integrity, so make sure to follow these steps before putting your tent into storage between trips:

  1. Clean your tent with a non-abrasive sponge, non-detergent soap, and cold water. Make sure to go over every surface inside and out!
  2. Air dry your tent thoroughly. The easiest method is to just fully assemble your tent and move it several times, including on it’s side, to ensure a fully dry tent.
  3. Roll your tent, don’t stuff it. If you’re only storing your tent for a short length of time, less than a month or so, then you can leave it in the stuff sack. Otherwise, it is better for the longevity of your tent to keep it in a larger sack or tub  to allow the fabrics to relax instead of being smashed together.
  4. Ideally you should store your tent in a dry environment, but if that isn’t an option, storing your tent in a plastic tub and sealing it with packing tape should do the trick.

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Storing Your Cooking Gear

Cooking while camping generally boils down to 2 approaches – use a fire, or use a camp grill. For all non-grill items, the process is pretty straightforward. Make sure to thoroughly clean everything with detergent to remove dirt and anything that can mold. Then, pack your cooking gear in a box or plastic tub, label it so you can find it easily, and you’re covered until your next outing.

For a camp grill, there isn’t too much more involved. Make sure to scrape the grill clean, and wipe down with a damp rag, followed by a dry rag to remove all remaining moisture. VERY IMPORTANT: You should not store any flammable materials in your storage unit, including fire-starter logs, propane tanks, matches, or lighters. Doing so is against your lease and can get you evicted. Ask your self-storage manager if you have any questions.

Keeping Everything Else Together

The rest of your camping supplies are pretty straightforward for self storage, luckily. Give everything a quick wipe-down with a rag, and pack into boxes or plastic tubs. Even better – storing and inventorying your gear will allow you to just load those boxes into your car and take off instead of spending hours packing in preparation! Saving yourself time later is what self storage is all about.

RVing and camping is easy when you use a self storage unit in Chandler, AZ

Camping Out of a Self Storage Unit

Camping is one of those hobbies that requires some specialized equipment. Unless you’re a regular camper, you probably don’t want to take up so much storage space in your home. US Storage Centers is here to handle your storage needs, whether you’re storing camping gear or other sporting goods.

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