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Famous Residents of Alhambra, California

Famous Residents of Alhambra, California

Published March 17, 2015

With as close proximity as we have to Los Angeles, you would think that a number of famous folks have called Alhambra home at one point in time or another. The truth of the matter is that it has! Alhambra is a wonderfully diverse community which has attracted many people who you have read about in either the tabloids or the history books. So let’s dive into the history of our wonderful community and see who you might have known who called Alhambra home.

Musicians and Actors

Though we don’t have a lot of actors in this humble town of ours—which is the entertainer most people associate with the Los Angeles area—we do have a number of people who are connected to the movie industry in one or several ways. Cheryl Tiegs, Mitch Vogel, and Jonathan Ke Quan, who have appeared in movies at one time or another, can all claim Alhambra as one of their residences. But there is one other who you know from films like Footloose and Caddyshack who also called Alhambra home: the award-winning singer and musician Kenny Loggins.


You don’t have to look at just actors and film, though, in order to see famous people in Alhambra. The town can also claim a number of different writers. Amy Kim Ganter, who is famous in the manga world as one of the pioneers of English-language original manga, uses her home in Alhambra to help her generate new stories about Japanese living in America. Another famous writer who lived in Alhambra for years is the adventure-mystery novelist and marine explorer Clive Cussler, who created several books which eventually turned into movies like Raise the Titanic!


Alhambra can also lay claim to several famous artists. Kazu Kibuishi is one of them. He is a regular collaborator with Amy Kim Ganter and so is quite famous in the manga world as well. But the one artist who called Alhambra home that everybody knows is Norman Rockwell. Famous for his depictions of suburban America during the post-Great War era as well as his series of paintings about the Boy Scouts of America, Norman Rockwell lived in Alhambra during his peak years of the 30s and used several of these very streets to look for inspiration.

So when you are looking around our charming little hamlet, be sure to keep in mind that these folks strode these very same streets and brought light to the valley. The next superstar might be your neighbor.

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