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How to Make RV Storage in Chandler, AZ Work for You

How to Make RV Storage in Chandler, AZ Work for You

Published July 14, 2017

At Tower Storage we are constantly striving to create a great storage experience, but not all storage experiences end with on a positive note. One of the main reasons people are left unhappy is due to a lack of preparation. If you’re using RV storage for the long-term, follow these tips so you won’t be hit with a bad surprise when the time comes to retrieve your RV from storage.

RV storage in Chandler, Arizona is easy and convenient with Tower Storage.

Cleaning the Interior

Get started on storing your RV by thoroughly cleaning out the interior. Remove anything that will attract rodents and other critters, and go over everything with a powerful vacuum. You may have to rely on a corded model, as battery-powered ones tend leave small crumbs behind unless they are very high end!

Wipe down all of your hard surfaces with a cleaner and sealant, and make sure to condition your upholstery, so it doesn’t crack temperature and humidity levels change.

Heading into the bathroom, you want to make sure you completely flush out your plumbing system and clean with a safe drain and pipe cleaner - caustic cleaners could damage the pipes and create a bigger mess than you intend.

Once the plumbing is done, don’t forget to clean your water tanks, using bleach and rinsing until you can’t smell the bleach any more.

Prepping the Engine

Preparing your RV’s engine for long-term storage at Tower Storage is very similar to any other vehicle. First, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank followed by 30-40 miles of driving to heat up your engine and ensure a good mix with the gasoline still in your tank.

Cleaning your engine is essential when removing your RV from storage in Chandler, AZ.

Change your oil and at least top off all of your other fluids - brake, power steering, windshield wiper - or you may end up with damage down the line. Ideally you’d want to flush and replace all of your fluids, but that may not be economical every time you put your RV into storage.

Your RV’s electrical system is just as important as the mechanical one, so don’t forget to give it some love too. Make sure to pull your spark plugs and spray oil onto the cylinders to prevent rust - conventional engine oil or an aerosol fogging oil work just fine.

Detach the battery, negative side first, and attach to a battery tender so it isn’t damaged by being discharged completely.

If your RV is being stored outside, bringing the battery somewhere with climate control - either your home or a storage unit - will dramatically increase it’s lifespan.

Prepping the Exterior

The first step once you get to the exterior is to spray and wipe off all of the dirt and grime built up over the miles you have undoubtedly conquered during your travels. Pay special attention to the underbody and any compartments your RV may have. Waxing your entire vehicle is another best-practice that isn’t exactly practical, but if you can at least find a nearby RV Wash to put on a layer of wax your RV will be in a good spot.

Add about 10 extra pounds of pressure to your vehicle’s tires, or use a jack to put jackstands or cinderblocks to take all the weight off the wheels. Place wheel chocks on both sides of at least one set of wheels, even if you install jackstands or cinderblocks - you never know if someone will hit your RV, and you don’t want it rolling through a wall! You don’t want to use your parking brake, as leaving it engaged long enough will eventually fuse the brake to the disc.

RVing in Chandler, AZ is easy with Tower Storage.

Next, walk around your RV and make sure that every single opening is covered or filled in some way. Close and secure all windows, and stuff rags or aluminum foil in the exhaust pipe and anywhere else a critter could get in to build a home.

Either put rags between the windshield and the wipers, or remove the wiper blades themselves. Leaving the wiper blades on the glass could destroy both the rubber on the wipers and damage the windshield after enough time.

Finally, pull your covering of choice over your RV. If you’re storing outside and uncovered, consider purchasing an RV cover that will reduce or completely block ultraviolet light to reduce damage to the finish. Attach the RV cover tightly on the bottom so critters can’t use the cover as a tent and build a home there!

Tower Storage

Tower Storage offers spaces for storing RVs for short and long terms. At Tower Storage, we will work with you to make your self storage experience a pleasant and hassle-free one. Call today at (480) 526-5066 or swing by our office to get a tour today! You can trust Tower Storage to handle all of your RV storage needs in Chandler, AZ.

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