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Why You Should Move to Corona, California from Orange County

Why You Should Move to Corona, California from Orange County

Published July 22, 2017

Corona, California, is a perfectly situated city for those seeking escape from Orange County, but not wanting to dive full-on into the Inland Empire. With a population of just over 150,000 people, Corona is big enough to feel populated but small enough to be homey. After one walk through the Grand Boulevard Circle District, you’ll see why so many have chosen to abandon the hustle of the coast for the foothills in Corona.

Keeping Costs Down

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There’s no denying the importance of cost when considering the influx of people to the Inland Empire from Orange County and the rest of the coast. According to Zillow.com, Orange County property values are more than $200,000 more than average property values in Corona, California. That kind of money goes a long way, no matter how you slice it!

Great Schools Grow Great Kids

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Building or buying, Corona is a prime place to put down roots. With one of the highest rated school districts in California, you won’t have to worry that your children are getting anything less than a quality education. There are great options for kids of all ages, so both new parents and soon to be empty nesters will have a place to thrive. US Storage Centers is here to provide self storage services designed to grow with your family.

Minimize Inconvenience

Corona is called “The Gateway to the Inland Empire” for a reason - the intersection of Interstate 15 (colloquially “the 15”) and California State Route 91 (“the 91”) gives easy access pretty much any direction. Throw in the California State Route 71 (“the 71”), and you can easily cut into North Orange County or South Los Angeles. That’s not to say there won’t be traffic - this is still Southern California, after all - but by jumping on the freeway closer to the chokepoints, you can save yourself time every day versus living deeper into the Inland Empire.

Nicer People

Granted, you hear this argument on both the coast and Inland Empire sides, and it isn’t exactly possible to create an objective measurement of niceness. Judging by crime statistics across the state, however, Corona is full of nice people. With a violent crime rate less than half that of Orange County, and closer to ⅓ that of the state, you can expect a gentler life in general. Throw in a property crime rate 20% lower than the rest of Riverside County, and you see another part of why Corona, California is such a great place to be!

Self Storage in Corona, California

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Whether you’re moving into or out of Corona, California, US Storage Centers is here to make your move as painless as possible. We have a wide range of storage options available to facilitate different size moves, and you can be confident that our secure facilities and highly trained staff will keep your valuables safe - no matter how long you’re with us!

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